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Aug 26, 2013 8:30pm EDT
: to pick up on your firewall, want to touch on the nsa. the news over the last month saw now have a systematic, the tapping or collection of information. again, there was a moment where phone tapping, the information was passing by. tapping phones. now it's a different model. the flow of information has pulled. we don't know the details. it is essentially taking it from the data center. where does this -- i mean, could this be -- could this be a tipping point? an alarming moment? >> guest: this is a continuation of a long history of surveillance by the united states government. it's different in degree, but not actually in kind. in the 20th-century every single telegraphs and from the united states to another country with systematically copy. now we tried to a constrain using law, domestic intelligence but we have also built networks that carry our air most thousand dreams in ways that telephone calls may not have. so we know that the nsa in the past to systematically copied wholesale all internet transmissions going through large exchange points. to save a copy for themselves. th
Aug 30, 2013 8:00pm EDT
of the government's top secret agency, the nsa, the national security agency which is a number of times larger than the cia, whistle blowers like william and others who joined the nsa. the national security agency they were deeply concerned about national security and wanted to serve their country and started to speak out about what was doing after they tried the channel within the agency. deeply cell phoned about -- concerned about, for example, surveillance of american. they were finding programs were developed to not improve national security but data mine americans. as they spoke out, one by one the prosecution or persecution in the case of william. authorities raided his house, had him at gunpoint. he was a diabetic am pee too. they were charged. under the obama administration, there have been more whistle blowers charged than in all past presidential administrations combined. it's a very serious issue. which brings us to the case of bradley manning. the young soldier who went to iraq and now plead guilty to having released hundreds of thousand of not millions of pages of documents to wicky le
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2